Beorn and Maya

“Then it begins again. I swear to stand at your side, my love, and guard you unto my last breath… and beyond”.

Beorn and Maya is based on the idea of the stereotypical storybook hero; the strong man protecting the damsel in distress. However while keeping the female frail, scared and clad in flowers and jewellery, as these storybooks often portray them, I’ve steered away from the ‘Prince charming’ idea and created the male with a more primal sense of masculinity, fiving him a large build, beard and animal furs.

I’ve created the entire piece from old books (predominantly war-based and romantic novels) and have tried to create the impression of the figures emerging from a book itself, in order to tie back to the overriding idea of the storybook hero.

Exhibited at Cheffins Cambridge Auction House after winning 1st place for 3D in the 2015 Drey Contemporary Cheffins Art Prize

Exhibited at Hall Barn, Gt. Thurlow, as part of the “Excellence of Youth” exhibition 2016.

Exhibited at Colchester Firstsite Art Gallery as part of the ‘Yours, Comes Comitis’ Exhibition 2015