“It doesn’t mean a thing, all this land laid out behind us. I’d like to take off into these woods and get good and lost for a while.”

Natälia, an 8ft half stag, half woman carrying a flower, dead bird and net, was created from over 1000 hand-shaped, rusted, mild steel offcuts welded together.
The intention when creating Natälia was to build a piece that reflected both the grace and power of a stag. Hence why the creature is female (stereotypically the more graceful of the genders) and carrying a flower in one hand, while carrying its prey in the other and sporting a wide set of antlers. The juxtaposition of the two ideas I was trying to covey, and the idea that the creature has the potential for both beauty and violence is something I feel can be found in both humankind, and nature in general. This thought is what inspired me to make Natälia a human-animal hybrid as well as keeping her relatively primal and connected to nature while building her from an unforgiving man-made material.

Exhibited at Hall Barn, Gt. Thurlow, as part of the “Excellence of Youth” exhibition 2016.